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I love the night sky. Strangely, perhaps, I'm a night shift worker, and that means I'm working at least 50% of all nights, reducing my opportunity to "look up and out". Then on other nights the view is often obscurred with clouds. But when I can, I like to check out the night sky, both just eye-balling, but also using binoculars and cameras.

I'm slowly learning to identify the planets and stars and constellations. But I also love to watch the man-made objects passing by ... particularly the International Space Station.

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22/06/2020: ISS Close Encounter tonight (my time, but specifically 10:58:52 UTC, the ISS and satellite 'LEMUR 2 YONGLIN' will come within 2.915km of each other, at a relative speed to each other of 6.150 km/sec!

05/06/2020: Lunar Penumbral Eclipse (also known as 'Strawberry Eclipse') this coming weekend, specifically for NSW Central Coast the eclipse begins 03:45, maximum is at 05:24, and ends 06:57

31/05/2020: SpaceX Crew Dragon has successfully launched, flown into space, and docked with ISS

20/05/2020: This month’s new moon occurs on May 22 at 17:40 UTC.

19/05/2020: SpaceX has delayed the launch of its next batch of Starlink internet satellites due to weather fallout from Tropical Storm Arthur. The next launch of 60 Starlink satellites has been postponed until after the Crew Demo-2 launch on May 27th.