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Mountain biking for me is for fun and exercise. I'm predominantly interested in the gentler end of tracks, such as fire trails through national parks, and the easier routes at places like Ourimbah Mountain Bike Park. I feel I'm in too much need of ongoing income to risk damaging myself too much, and too old to "bounce" ... I reckon I'd be more likely to break if I tried anything too adventurous and #$%@ed up. The vast majority of my rides are solo efforts. Partly because of that, I don't tend to be like many riders and try to go as "light" as possible. I don't mind carrying a bit of gear - I figure that (within reason) a bit more "stuff" is just going to make me work that bit harder for the exercise. This is also the main reason why I didn't buy an e-bike recently, and instead went for a standard dual-suspension Trek Fuel EX9.7. So, I ride with a Camelbak H.A.W.G. Low Rider backpack, and carry up to 3 litres of water, some food, a small toolkit (puncture repair kit, pump, CO2 cartridges, basic tools), and "emergency" gear including a decent first aid kit as well as a GME AccuSat PLB. Phone reception in some places I venture is non-existant, so I've got that emergency item in case I get really stuck. All that said, if there are other local riders interested in this kind of thing, I'm happy to have someone tag along.
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